The Waste Management Symposium is being held this week in Phoenix (USA) with a French Pavilion organised by GIFEN

  • 23.02.2023
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From 26 February to 2 March, the Waste Management Symposia is being held in Phoenix (Arizona, USA), a professional event focusing on the downstream cycle, site dismantling and rehabilitation, transport, waste packaging and storage.

France, country of honour of the 2023 edition

France, the country of honour at this event, had to be present at this hybrid event, which is both a conference and a professional exhibition. The participation of the French industry is led by Andra for the conference part, and by GIFEN for the exhibition part: a French Pavilion will bring together 11 French companies specialising in dismantling and waste management, or wishing to position themselves in this segment:

Pictures : Philippe Masson/Andra

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