Our missions.


Improving industrial performance

GIFEN deploys operational actions that contribute to the continuous improvement of the sector, with the aim of sustaining its industrial performance. To achieve this, GIFEN uses three levers: it federates innovation and R&D projects on strategic subjects, works to strengthen and harmonise nuclear quality and safety; finally, GIFEN provides companies in the sector with high value-added digital tools.

Developing resources and supporting industrial development

As the nuclear industry is by nature a "long-term" industry, it is important for it to anticipate its adaptation to the challenges of tomorrow. GIFEN therefore supports future projects in France and abroad, helps the players to prepare for them and collects the corresponding data.

Match programme: securing the nuclear industry's workload

GIFEN is working to ensure the sustainability of the sector's know-how by carrying out a continuous analysis of future workloads over a 10-year period and the related capacities, through the Match programme. To do this, the Group bases itself on the needs of the clients' projects, which are then analysed according to the 18 business segments described above, the common base for the entire sector. These results are communicated every year to our members during the Perspectives France Days, an annual event whose objective is to encourage sharing and exchange between principals and manufacturers, and to improve the cohesion of the sector.

EDEC of the sector: ensuring the right level of skills at the right time

On the strength of feedback from the Flamanville site and the major role of skills in the sector, GIFEN has initiated the setting up of an EDEC programme (Engagement Développement et Compétences) for the French nuclear sector. This programme is financed by the Ministry of Labour and the professional branches of the metallurgy and electrical and gas industries.

Carrying the voice of the industry

In addition to the missions linked to the objectives of transformation and development of the sector, GIFEN also carries its voice to the general public, stakeholders, public authorities and administrations on a national and European scale, and promotes the expertise of the French nuclear sector.

How can we support you ?

How can we support you ?

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