Member profile: 3 questions to Mikaël Fricheteau - Managing Director, CSTI Group

  • 06.05.2024
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An independent industrial group created in 1986 in the Aix-en-Provence region, CSTI designs and manufactures electromechanical systems and equipment for the nuclear industry. Present in France and Morocco, the company works on "turnkey" study and realization projects with high technical added value. It has 220 employees working in engineering, manufacturing, testing, and installation at client sites. As a nuclear system integrator, CSTI relies on a strong culture of internalizing skills, promoting better risk management and capitalizing on the expertise of its employees.

What are CSTI's activities in the nuclear industry?

Historically focused on manufacturing, CSTI has been able to develop its range of services to offer assembly services to its clients by intervening throughout the entire life cycle of the nuclear industry (equipment necessary for fuel fabrication, operational tools for production or experimental reactors, shielded structures for waste transfer and conditioning, ...).

Our technical expertise allows us to design and manufacture welded assemblies (mainly in stainless steel), glove boxes, secure handling equipment, test loops, and many other special machines for the civil, medical, and defense nuclear sectors. To do this, we offer solutions with industrial designs adapted thanks to our strong reactivity, adaptation, and flexibility capabilities.

CSTI is ISO 9001 certified and was among the first SMEs to obtain ISO 19443 certification.


What is the latest news from CSTI in the nuclear industry?

In 2023, we made several investments to increase our production capacities. Our site in Gardanne (Bouches-du-Rhône) has expanded with the construction of a 1,000 m² workshop dedicated to precision machining operations on digital machines, as well as a 300 m² workshop dedicated to electronics and electrical engineering operations.

In Morocco, we inaugurated 2 new workshops, each measuring 1,500 m², one dedicated to black steel and the other to stainless steel, along with 800m² of office space.

We are also investing in more efficient tools with the recent acquisition of an additional 5-axis* machining center, allowing us to work on parts up to 5 tons, and the deployment of a new ERP** system more suited to the operation and ambitions of the group.

In terms of recruitment, we have around twenty open positions in the Aix-en-Provence region for various profiles (boilermaker, welder, scheduler, lathe-miller, automation technician, drafter, project manager, estimator, buyer, etc.) in order to cope with the increasing size and complexity of the projects we are involved in.


What are the medium and long-term development prospects for CSTI?

CSTI is currently analyzing the opportunity for a new 20,000 m² site to build workshops and offices. Some of the buildings will be dedicated to clients who have provided us with visibility and collaboration on their medium and long-term needs.


At the same time, external growth opportunities are being studied to strengthen our position as a designer-integrator-manufacturer of complex machines at the national level. Our development strategy is based on a desire to contribute to national sovereignty in terms of energy independence and the decarbonization challenges of the country.


*machine tools whose purpose is to manufacture mechanical parts with 5 axes of movement.

**Enterprise Resource Planning, software that allows to manage all the processes of a company by integrating all of its functions, including human resources management, accounting and financial management, decision support, as well as sales, distribution, procurement and trade.

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