Member profile: 3 questions to Philippe Lazare, Executive Director of Boccard Energy Solutions and Philippe de Almeida, Director of New Build Nuclear France at Boccard

  • 15.02.2024
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Founded in 1918 as an industrial contractor, Boccard is a major player in the design, construction and maintenance of industrial installations throughout their lifecycle. With more than 3,500 employees and a presence in 35 countries, the company applies its expertise in engineering, manufacturing, construction, maintenance and fully integrated digital solutions to eight Life & Energy markets, ranging from nuclear to new energies and from food processing to pharmaceuticals. Boccard relies on its excellence in project management based on its commitment to "Safety First, On Time, On Spec, On Budget, Customer Satisfaction".

What are Boccard's activities in the nuclear industry?

With experience on more than 44 reactors in France, our teams have actively contributed to the construction of nuclear power plants. In 50 years, Boccard has become a major local and international player in the nuclear industry.

Our project management, engineering, purchasing, prefabrication, construction and testing teams are highly experienced. They work on new build projects and major worksites, as well as on modifications to existing nuclear facilities, for power plants, fuel cycle plants and research facilities. Our teams also carry out preventive and corrective maintenance on operating facilities, as well as decommissioning and dismantling work.

Boccard in France has ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and, since 2023, ISO 19443 certification for all its nuclear maintenance and nuclear new build activities, testifying to the robustness of its management system in terms of prevention, quality and nuclear safety.


What's the latest from Boccard in the nuclear sector?

The company recently invested in the construction of a 10,000 m2 plant in Wales, specialising in the design and manufacture of piping and supports for fluid networks in nuclear power stations. Boccard UK has just signed an extension to its contract, confirming its position in the construction of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station.

In 2023, Boccard inaugurated a new industrial workshop in Pierrelatte (Drôme), dedicated to the nuclear maintenance and modification market for facilities in the Rhône Valley.

In addition, the new "Boccard Technological Innovation Solutions"-Optim Technologies innovation centre opened in Lyon to meet the growing needs of customers in the nuclear, petrochemical and defence sectors.

In autumn 2023, in Portugal, Boccard doubled the surface area of its plant to 10,000 m². This prefabrication plant for stainless steel and carbon steel piping, modules and supports is fully digitised. For example, it supplies piping and supports for the Jules Horowitz experimental reactor (RJH), piping for chemical manufacturer Solvay and, very recently, piping for Sanofi's brand new pharmaceutical plant in the Lyon region.


What are Boccard's medium and long-term development prospects?

Boccard is expanding its portfolio of traditional activities, in particular by meeting the needs of customers in the fuel cycle, research and defence sectors. This strategy aims to strengthen Boccard's position in the French and international nuclear programme for the construction of future nuclear reactors and in its positioning in the modularisation of installations.

Our development ambitions are also guided by the challenges of national energy sovereignty and decarbonisation.


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