GIFEN, committed to the nuclear industry.


Our convictions

GIFEN has two convictions:

Firstly, the French nuclear industry, which controls the entire nuclear energy production chain, from uranium extraction to spent fuel reprocessing, is a benchmark worldwide thanks to its technologies, skills and employee know-how.

Furthermore, nuclear power is an essential energy source in the fight against global warming.

On the strength of these convictions, the companies in the sector are united within GIFEN by a common objective: to build together the French nuclear industry of today and tomorrow.

Our story

Federating, transforming, defending the French nuclear industry

Created in 2018 with the ambition of uniting the entire French nuclear industry into a single trade association, GIFEN brings together companies operating nuclear facilities, large companies, small and mid-sized enterprises, very small businesses, professional organisations and associations, covering all types of industrial activities (studies, manufacturing, construction, maintenance, etc.) as well as all areas of nuclear power generation (fuel cycle, research, power generation, equipment manufacturing, decommissioning, etc.)

Why join the GIFEN ?
Olivier Bard

« GIFEN is a key player in the transformation of the sector, contributing to the objective of excellence pursued by all the industrialists in the sector. »

Olivier Bard GIFEN General Delegate

Our organization

A trade association representative of the sector

Because GIFEN represents the entire French nuclear industry, its governance is evenly distributed between the major customers on the one hand (nuclear installation operating companies) and their suppliers (large companies, mid-size companies, SMEs, VSEs) on the other. The GIFEN Council is elected at the General Assembly by the members for a two-year term and appoints the President. GIFEN has set up a subsidiary, GIFEN Services, which offers services to companies in the sector. On a daily basis, 11 employees work for the sector within GIFEN and its subsidiary. GIFEN's missions are carried out by eight commissions and a committee open to all members who wish to contribute to their work.

Discover the team and governance

A single association for the entire industry

Since 2019, GIFEN has replaced the four historical associations of the industry (GIIN, AIFEN, PFME, FAIF) to become the only trade association of the French nuclear industry. With more than 200 members, GIFEN federates and defends the interests of all the companies that contribute to the production of nuclear electricity.






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How can we support you ?

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