European nuclear industry actors meet to discuss its role as a strategic industry

  • 22.06.2023
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Lyon, June 21, 2023 - Actors in the European nuclear industry are meeting today in Lyon for the annual Nucleareurope conference, to discuss the main issues and topics of interest for the sector in the future. Organized with the support of GIFEN, the debate will focus not only on nuclear as an industry in Europe, but also on the sector's competitiveness, energy sovereignty, supply chains and workforce.

"The discussions taking place here in Lyon are very important, given the European Union's focus on energy sovereignty, support for its industries and meeting decarbonization targets," explains Yves Desbazeille, Managing Director of nucleareurope. "The nuclear industry has a lot to contribute. But we need to make sure that both sides - industry and policymakers - are able to deliver what's needed to ensure that nuclear can bring significant benefit to Europe's citizens and businesses."

Xavier Ursat, President of GIFEN, commented: "The French nuclear industry is fully committed to achieving these ambitions, with a particular focus on its major programs. One of the keys to success will be the development of partnerships between the French supply chain and its counterparts in other European countries, in order to strengthen the nuclear industry. More than ever, you can count on our mobilization to achieve these objectives".

A dinner, organized on June 20 in the presence of the Minister of the Energetic Transition Agnès Pannier-Runacher, kicked off this strategic event. Today's debates and exchanges focused on 3 main themes: fostering a strong European nuclear program, guaranteeing European energy sovereignty and ensuring a competitive, low-carbon Europe.

Beyond that, a wide range of topics are addressed. First of all, the levers of action needed to revive the nuclear industry in Europe, in order to achieve the objective of 150 GW of installed capacity in the European Union by 2050. With this in mind, financing, skills and a solid supply chain will have to be developed, both on the part of industrial players and public policy. In addition, the debates are also intended to consider the solutions to be implemented to guarantee Europe sufficient energy production to meet its own needs, while reducing its dependence on third countries. Finally, discussions will focus on the role of nuclear power in supporting end-users, such as electro-intensive industries, as well as nuclear power as a European industry in its own right.


This news was the subject of a joint press release from GIFEN and Nucleareurope.

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