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  • 24.06.2020
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At the end of 2019, Jean-Bernard Lévy announced the launch of the "excell plan", an initiative designed to restore to the electricity industry and the nuclear sector their excellence in the management of major nuclear projects, the availability and training of skills, and the quality of manufacturing. Following the arrival of Alain Tranzer as General Delegate for Industrial Quality and Nuclear Skills, the plan excell was officially launched on May 18 at a meeting designed to present its challenges, organization and operation.

Bringing together different players and getting them to work on specific issues

In concrete terms, for each of the three main challenges of the excell plan (strengthening industrial quality, enhancing skills and strengthening the governance of major nuclear projects), transformation projects (TPs) have been created with the aim of bringing together different players and getting them to work on specific issues.

Through GIFEN, the companies in the sector are widely involved in the plan; thus, GIFEN will be represented by two people in each of the transformation projects, with the exception of the project owner PT, which will deal with issues specific to EDF. These GIFEN representatives will have the task of representing the voice of the companies in the sector in the work of the PTs; they will be able to benefit from GIFEN's support through the Commission on Prospects and Development of the Sector in France.

The themes of the 9 projects involving GIFEN representatives are as follows:

  • supplier relations,
  • supplier and process qualifications,
  • traceability and robustness of requirements,
  • standardisation and modular policy,
  • manufactured and delivered in conformity from start to finish,
  • change management,
  • steering and organization of projects,
  • development of nuclear skills,
  • welding plan.

GIFEN will also be represented on the steering committee of plan excell in the person of its General Delegate Cécile Arbouille and Hervé de Chillaz (Daher Technologies), President of the Commission Perspectives and development of the industry in France and member of the GIFEN Bureau.

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