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Nuclear industrials call for the development of a French nuclear hydrogen industry

  • 25.11.2020

The Hydrogen strategy is at the heart of European discussions in the framework of the implementation of the European Recovery Plan (NGEU - Next Generation). The France Relaunch Plan announced by the government last September provides 7 billion euros of financing to set up a national hydrogen sector. Under these conditions, it is fundamental to encourage the development of a French nuclear hydrogen industry to reach the objective of installing 9.6 GW of electrolysis units in France by 2030.

For a decarbonated, competitive and sovereign French hydrogen sector

The collective reflection led by GIFEN is today embodied in a position paper through which GIFEN supports a competitive and sovereign French decarbonated hydrogen sector.

This position paper of the French nuclear industry presents the economic and technical arguments demonstrating the need to use nuclear power to achieve the hydrogen production objectives set by the European Commission and proposes courses of action in this direction.

Click here to download the position paper

Picture : EDF/Marc Didier

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