The nuclear industry committed to the operator during the winter period

  • 22.11.2020
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RTE, the electricity network manager, recently confirmed that "the winter of 2020-2021 remains under particular vigilance. (...) In the event of a cold spell, mainly in January and especially in February, difficulties could arise".

Nuclear power, controllable and low carbon, is vital for our country.

GIFEN would like to stress that the entire nuclear industry is committed to ensuring, alongside the operator and all the players in the electricity system, the availability of electricity during the winter period and to enable, as today, the provision of the network of 44 reactors, i.e. 46.5 GW capable of producing controllable electricity that does not emit CO2.

If the reprogramming last spring of the shutdowns of nuclear power plants for maintenance because of the health crisis is now impacting the situation of France's electricity supply, it also reveals the advantage of having a robust industrial sector capable of mobilising to face up to the hazards. Nuclear power is vital for our economy. Extending the nuclear fleet and building new reactors are the two levers that will make it possible to guarantee the long-term continuous production of low-carbon electricity, whatever the season and the climatic conditions.

Photo: Marc Didier/EDF

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