Member profile: 3 questions to Marc Nevcheherlian, Director of SICA Nucléaire

  • 19.07.2021
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SICA Nucléaire is proof that a small business specialising in training, auditing and qualification can make a place for itself in the face of the large groups in the sector; its secret? specialisation in nuclear energy, a risk-taking approach that is also the strength and expertise of this company. It has to be said that Marc Nevcheherlian, its founder and director, had a great deal of experience in the sector: "I trained as an electrical technician and was employed by a company that 'loaned' me to an EDF engineering centre; a service that lasted for 12 years, until I decided to launch SICA Nucléaire in 2009. Today, SICA Nucléaire employs six people, engineers trained internally thanks to the implementation of internal and external training and mentoring. Marc Nevcheherlian answers our questions.

What are SICA Nucléaire's activities within the nuclear industry?

As its name suggests, SICA Nucléaire is a 100% nuclear company, specialising in intellectual services related to the supply of electrical systems/controls. Originally, we were only specialised in inspection, auditing and training on regulatory texts, standards and codes. Since 2015, SICA Nucléaire has broadened its offer with several AFCEN-approved training courses, tailor-made e-learning, support in the nuclear quality management system, including the ISO 19443 standard, and in equipment qualification, i.e. we draft the documents required by the RCC-E code and follow up our clients to enable them to carry out qualification tests on their equipment. 90% of SICA Nucléaire's clients are Tier 1 suppliers, including new entrants to the industry, who are not familiar with the processes, standards and qualifications specific to nuclear equipment. But we also work for principals such as EDF, ITER and the CEA.

What is the latest news from SICA Nucléaire?

During the confinement linked to the health crisis, we were able to continue our activities.

We have been able to resume our activities since last September, with an acceleration since the beginning of 2021 in all areas: training, qualification, auditing, e-learning, etc. We will soon be able to audit companies in accordance with the ISO 19443 standard within the framework of a partnership with a certification body.

Finally, we continue to respond to calls for tender and to prospect abroad for future projects.

What is the outlook for SICA Nucléaire, both in the short and long term?

In the short term, our prospects are very encouraging.

We will maintain our ISO 9001 and QUALIOPI certifications, which we acquired in 2020.

In the coming years, SICA Nucléaire must continue to develop its activities, particularly in terms of equipment qualification training, by continuing to set up online training and e-learning modules. Still on the subject of training, we would also like to develop a virtual reality module on the RCCE code.

In addition, we aim to be more present with operators and their suppliers in terms of equipment qualification, and to perpetuate the activities undertaken on the ITER project.

Finally, SICA Nucléaire has a strong position in export projects, which represent between 10 and 20% of our turnover. We have positive feedback in this area, as we have already carried out training and auditing missions in relation to foreign standards.

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