For 50% of French people, nuclear power is an asset for France

  • 19.10.2021
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In a survey conducted by BVA for Orano and unveiled on 20 October, it appears that 50% of French people see nuclear power as an asset for France.

The French seem ready to support the renewal of the fleet

In general, this study, which echoes the one conducted by Orano in 2019, highlights a positive evolution in the perception of nuclear energy by our fellow citizens, on all subjects: sovereignty, employment, the fight against global warming, the price and availability of electricity, etc.

These positive signs reward the efforts made in recent years by the industry to educate the general public and combat preconceived ideas. This is a long-term task, to which not only GIFEN, but more broadly every company in the sector, is called upon to contribute.

Above all, this survey proves that the French seem ready to support a programme to renew our nuclear fleet, which is so necessary for our country's sovereignty, the fight against climate change and the increase in our electricity needs.

To learn more about the Orano/BVA survey, click here!

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