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We are a major player in waste recovery in southwest France and northern Spain, processing end-of-life equipment to be sold as new secondary raw materials.
We give a second life to your waste, transforming it into eco-friendly products for reuse in the steel and plastics industries.

our business is: collection and processing for the steel industry. In order to best help you recycle your waste, SIRMET offers various services:

We work with nuclear power plants (qualified drivers and operators with up-to-date authorised access, we manage our own team intervention schedules)

  • We operate in sensitive environments, particularly on waste dispersion Our recovery solutions include reuse of all or part of wind turbines
  • We recycle or recover 100% of the waste
  • We are skilled, quick to act, we meet our schedules and protect the environment


ISO_9001, ISO_14001, OHAS_18001, MASE, En cours de migration de l'OSHAS 18001 vers une certification MASE

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