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Energie Nucléaire


The International Institute for Nuclear Energy (I2EN) is an umbrella organization that brings together 14 partners and 38 associates members (industry, R&D, and academia) around the theme of human capacity building in the nuclear sector.

The Institute serves as an entry point for countries interested in developing nuclear education & training programmes and to benefit from the French expertise in human capacity building. Its mission is to provide those countries with the best training solutions to meet their needs in terms of qualified manpower, always in support of the actions of the Institute's partners.

At the national level, the Institute awards the I2EN Seal to academic programmes.  To earn the I2EN Seal, a degree programme must be evaluated by the I2EN Committee of Experts comprised of reviewers from industry and academia and meet rigorous standards. The I2EN Seal, an emblem that reflects quality.

How can we support you ?

How can we support you ?

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