Energie Nucléaire


COPSAR (COmité Professionnel des Prestataires de Service en Assainissement Radioactif)) has been bringing together qualified professionals from the Nuclear Sector for more than 25 years to develop the safety and security culture, promote the control of dosimetry and guarantee the protection of the environment in the framework of nuclear logistics (in PGAC (global site assistance services) for EDF-DPN (Nuclear Production Department)) and radioactive cleanup.

Its businesses include:

  • Assistance (design of protection and containment techniques, advice on safety and radiation protection, decontamination and logistical support for operators and contractors)
  • Operation (laundry, tool stores, on-site handling, decontamination workshops, effluent treatment stations, sorting, conditioning and storage of radioactive waste)
  • Dismantling (radiological characterization, methodological studies, dismantling work and waste management)
  • Training (nuclear & classical)
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How can we support you ?

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