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Applus+ A2MI, an accredited materials testing laboratory

Applus+ A2MI (A2M Industrie, S.A.S) is a COFRAC 17025 accredited metallurgical testing laboratory, offering mechanical testing, metallography, machining and chemical analysis. Our expertise in the field of metallic materials allows us to support our customers throughout their projects:

  • R&D or Innovation programs
  • Characterisation and qualification of materials
  • Quality control
  • Special tests

The Applus+ A2MI Laboratory is located in the Saint-Etienne region. Applus+ A2MI has been using its expertise and technical skills to support professionals of the  nuclear industry.

A local partner with the advantages of a global network

In 2019, Applus+ A2MI joined the Applus+ Group, one of the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification companies. Our laboratory has become part of the Applus+ Laboratories division, which has a unique network of materials testing laboratories in Europe, China and North America.




- RCCM MC1000 - Spécification Framatome FFP_D02-ARV-01-110-715 - Spécification EDF : HPC-DIXXXX-U9-ALL-SPE-200481 - Essais pour Framatome sous niveau qualité Q1 - BUQSTC-NXX1000 (Framatome) - BUHSGBNGV00610 (Framatome)


Framatome - France, EDF - France, AUBERT ET DUVAL - France, LOIRE INDUSTRIE - France, ANDRE LAURENT - France, VELAN - France, DAHER - France, Flowserve - USA, OMPR - France.

Reference nuclear projects

Nuclear New Build Generation Company (NNB) for HPC project. Test programs on acceptance coupons for the primary heads, tube plates, conical shells and pipes for the Flamanville 3 steam generator (according to Framatome specification).

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